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Country Garden, Buckinghamshire

The client wanted to update this beautiful country garden situated on the chalky Chilterns.

The front entrance has been defined with drum shaped beech pillars, and the existing beech hedge renovated. Lavender leads to the front door, and a gravel garden has relocated the parking further from the house, softening the entrance.

A series of terraces wrap around the house leading to the lawn and other areas. A new Orangery forms the focus at the rear of the house. Evergreen structure and perennials create colour and drama through the year.

The swimming pool was renovated retaining the original structure but adding new pool copings and paving in French Limestone. Blue irises and lavender beds are set next to the small orchard.

The stone-clad wall was built to gate off the pool for safety and to provide structure to the garden.

The woodland was renovated by thinning trees and shrubs and planting perennials and ferns. This will continue to develop over the years. New borders were added, framing the views to the vineyards. A cone shaped yew was introduced as a partner to an existing one.

A new driveway with an avenue of ornamental pear trees has been completed and the client’s vineyard has recently been planted.