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Water Features & Sculptures

Water brings a garden to life. Whether it be a formal pool or a natural pond the addition of water adds an extra dimension to a garden.

We design water features from sleek reflective black water features to ponds for fish and wildlife.

The sound of water can be used to good effect – either for relaxing or to disguise unwanted sounds outside of the garden.

We work with specialist water feature contractors when necessary to achieve the perfect design.

Sculpture and garden ornamentation is very personal. We have extensive contacts and can source a sculpture for your garden be it an antique stone statue or a modern piece.

Placing new or existing pieces within a garden is part of a design. This can be as a focal point in the distance or to lead you through a garden.

Garden ornamentation is not just sculptures. This extends to decorative screens and planters. These can all be used to sculptural effect and all are even better with some dramatic lighting.