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Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are a luxury in the garden. Whether it is a spa in a city garden or a large pool in a country garden it is essential to integrate these into a garden design.

Designing a pool area starts with ensuring there is adequate space around the pool for people to move and play. Suitable non-slip materials are selected for the pool surround with practicalities of drainage and pool covers being included. If the pool is in the basement then a garden can be built over the top, as a podium landscape.

Planting and lighting are essential near pools adding softness and drama. Each of these details is designed for its location and use.

Natural swimming pools, where the water is kept clear by either aquatic plants or gravel filters or a mixture of the two, can be a lovely refreshing place to swim, chemical free. Natural swimming ponds can be designed by our team to integrate into the wider garden design, and where applicable we work with specialist contractors to create your dream pool.