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The Secret Courtyard

This bijoux space has been transformed from a hard concrete courtyard into a green oasis. The kitchen now flows into a beautiful vista, extending the living area to the outdoors.

The concrete wall is faced in a verdigris style porcelain creating a stunning backdrop for plants.  The multi-level planting adds dynamic layering to the space and enhances the impact of the plants.

Seating is built in to maximise space and atmospheric lighting brings a touch of magic in the evenings.

Planting is predominantly evergreen with luxurious foliage and textural contrasts. Flowering plants send waves of colour through the space as they come into bloom through the year.

Practicalities of good drainage away from the house are cleverly designed in utilising natural drainage.


This garden is the perfect secret courtyard for a place to relax and unwind from city life.

Photos: Copyright Richard Bloom


This garden is the Award Winner at the 2022 Pro Landscaper Small Project Big Impact Awards for Best Garden Design.