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Anchor Cottage

There are plenty of spaces for entertaining and relaxing in this wrap around garden.  The inside / outside feel is accentuated with a courtyard setting of sofas, a water feature and fire-table.

The contemporary water bowl brings light and sound to the patio by the house, providing year-round interest.  In the evenings the space transforms into a magical garden with a warming fire and lighting in the garden.

The outdoor kitchen and garden room create a completely different area to enjoy life outdoors. Privacy is provided by pleached magnolias trees.

Children have lots of space to play, on the lawn, and in the special playhouse and trampoline area nestled amongst grasses.

Paving is sleek in soft grey porcelain with a stacked stone curved wall.

Planting is rich in colour and diversity for wildlife. Successional flowering ensures there is a long season of nectar plants as well as habitats for insects and wildlife.

The cozy sofa is mum and dad’s hideaway of an evening, once the kids are in bed.

In this garden the adults have as much fun as the children as a family garden needs to cater for all ages!

Photos: Copyright Richard Bloom

This garden is an Award Winner at the British Association of Landscape Industries 2022 for Landesigns Ltd who bult the garden.